Are HTML Heading Tags (H2-H6) A Google Ranking Factor?

Are HTML Heading Tags (H2-H6) A Google Ranking Factor?

Do Google's search ranking algorithms factor in your usage of H2-H6 subheadings? See the evidence for and against this theory.

#3 Heading Tags (H1 to H6) in HTML Explained | | Web Development Tutorials

In this Video, you’ll learn Heading Tags (H1 to H6) in HTML Explained | | Web Development Tutorials

HTML offers six levels of heading tags, h1 through h6 ; the higher the heading level number, the greater its importance — therefore h1 tag defines the most important heading, whereas the h6 tag defines the least important heading in the document

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Learn HTML heading tags H1 to H6 – semantics and accessibility

This veryacademy Web Development Tutorial – Part of our Full Web Development Course guides you through HTML underpinning knowledge, the heading element. We get familiar with the 6 different headings available h1-h6 and discuss semantic meaning and good practices for better page accessibility.

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Are Heading Tags A Valuable Google Ranking Factor?

Having heading tags on your website is a great way to organise content and make it easier to read. They are also vital for good technical SEO.

Multiple H1 Headings: How to Handle Them for SEO & Accessibility? #AskGoogleWebmasters

In this episode of Ask Google Webmasters, John Mueller discusses how to handle multiple H1 headings and accessibility, and whether multiple H1 headings work with Google systems.

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