Are Paid Links A Google Ranking Factor?

Are Paid Links A Google Ranking Factor?

Everyone and their brother wants to sell you a link. But are paid links really a ranking factor that will help you out in the SERPs?

TWiO-42: Links are still one of Google’s top 2 ranking factors

In this special episode of TWiO we discuss the fact that links are still one of Google’s top 2 ranking factors, whether or not it will it be necessary for paid and organic teams to work more closely together in the future, and we wish Periscope happy first birthday! All of that and more onThis Week in Organic, Episode Number 42.”

Our hosts David Bain and Lauren Adie are joined by Judith Lewis from, Bas van den Beld from and Hannah Butcher from

Should You Buy Backlinks in 2023?

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Should you ever buy backlinks?
If only this question had a straightforward answer…

In today’s video, we try to decipher the information Google has given us about buying backlinks to find out what the rules actually are.

⏲ Timestamps
00:00 — Intro
01:47 — Google’s Policies
05:31 — Will paid link building always exist?
13:30 — Should You Buy Backlinks?

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Recorded by: Tim Cameron-Kitchen
Edited by: DirekVim
Thumbnail by: Jess Percival
Produced by: Tim Cameron-Kitchen, Dale Davies, and Jess Percival


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47. Google Ranking Factors: Which Ones are Most Important?

In this video, I’ll show you how to optimize your website content for SEO.

First we’re going to talk about keywords and their importance in the process of optimization. Then, I’ll cover on-page optimization techniques like keyword density and link building strategies. Finally, I’ll discuss off-page optimization tactics including social media marketing and guest blogging.

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Google Ranking Factors: Which Ones are Most Important?

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