Link Velocity: Is It A Ranking Factor?

Link Velocity: Is It A Ranking Factor?

Could your website be penalized for a spiky rate of growth in backlinks? Find out if the theory is truly a Google ranking factor.

Is Page Speed A SEO Ranking Factor? – S.I.A. Test 31 – Is Page Load Time a Ranking Factor?

In 2010, Google told us that page speed is a ranking factor and they provided tools to look at which did not explain what they meant by page speed. But in looking at those tools, we were led to believe that page load time is what Google is looking at with page speed – how quickly the half the page loads and the whole page loads and that leads to page load time.

We run this test cause we never take anyone’s word for it especially Google’s.

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Lately, PageSpeed, or the ability for the website to load fast, became a much talked about ranking factor within the SEO Community.

Let’s figure out the truth about everything you hear or read about website performance as a ranking factor for Google SEO.

How fast is fast enough?
Is Googlebot really impatient to crawl your content or can it wait a little while?

Maybe the truth lies in the middle of different points of view we come across around the SEO community.

As always, this is only our opinion.
Please don’t hesitate to share your point of view on the topics covered in this video.

I never take for granted the time you spend to watch our content.

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What is Positive Link Velocity | How it Improve Ranking on SERPs | Google Ranking Factors

What is Positive Link Velocity | How it Improve Ranking on SERPs | Google Ranking Factors

This video is created on the basis of data taken from other reliable sources and personal experience running ads on multiple times.

In this video, you will know about the SEO Complete Course, all the factors are explained in this course in such a way so that a kid can understand.

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Number of Internal Links Pointing to Page
Quality of Internal Links Pointing to Page
Broken Links
Reading Level
Affiliate Links
HTML errors/W3C validation
Domain Authority
Page’s PageRank
URL Length
URL Path
Human Editors
Page Category
WordPress Tags
Keyword in URL
URL String
References and Sources
Bullets and Numbered Lists
Priority of Page in Sitemap
UX Signals From Other Keywords Page Ranks For
Page Age
User Friendly Layout
Parked Domains
Useful Content
Content Provides Value and Unique Insights
Contact Us Page
Domain Trust/TrustRank
Site Architecture
Site Updates
Presence of Sitemap
Site Uptime
Server Location
SSL Certificate
Terms of Service and Privacy Pages
Duplicate Meta Information On-Site
Breadcrumb Navigation
Mobile Optimized
Site Usability
Use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console
User reviews/Site reputation
Linking Domain Age
# of Linking Root Domains
# of Links from Separate C-Class IPs
# of Linking Pages
Backlink Anchor Text
Alt Tag (for Image Links)
Links from .edu or .gov Domains
Authority of Linking Page
Authority of Linking Domain
Links From Competitors
Links from “Expected” Websites
Links from Bad Neighborhoods
Guest Posts
Links From Ads
Homepage Authority
Nofollow Links
Diversity of Link Types
“Sponsored” or “UGC” Tags
Contextual Links
Excessive 301 Redirects to Page
Internal Link Anchor Text
Link Title Attribution
Country TLD of Referring Domain

What if speed was a ranking factor…?

In this episode, John, Martin, and Gary discuss Core Web Vitals and start a hypothetical search engine (Steve) to figure out how they would approach speed as a ranking signal and why. Have a listen!

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